Arbitri is very proud to present you its collection of 162 unique Santas! 

The Santas are NFT bound with a Licensing contract that gives its acquirer the legal right to exploit the work of art.

This solution is a jewelry of legal engineering that has never been implemented before by anyone.

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As an Acquirer you conclude a License contract and Issuance contract with the Issuer (Arbitri Sàrl).

What do I get by acquiring the NFT-token?

o An non-fungible token ERC 721 that serves as a proof of your contractual relationship with Arbitri ; o The NFT token embeds no rights; o The loss of the NFT token or its access does not nullify the legal relationship.

What is the license’s content?

§ The license rights on the copyrights of the WOA, i.e. the image, its related rights and derivative works; o Type of license

§ Exclusive: You alone can exploit the work.

§ Worldwide: everywhere in the World.

§ Commercial: includes commercial use

§ Term: ends 20 years from the time of its issuance (conventional renewal is automatic and possible) o Content

§ Including present and futures rights over the wok regarding:

· Use: o Produce copies; o Distribute the work; o Broadcast the work; o Make it available to the public. · Perceive all the pecuniary rights attached to the work; · Right to terminate the License / Issuance contract · Right to transfer the token via blockchain

§ Excluding notably · Patents, trademark, personality rights, moral rights of the artist.