Terms of services (website)


Date & Place

Geneva, the 26.11.2020.


Legal mention

Arbitri Sàrl, CHE-318.521.501

Rue du Cendrier 24, 1201 Geneva.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland.


1. Jurisdiction & Applicable law

The Courts of Geneva are competent for any dispute in relation with the present website.

Swiss law is applicable.


2. Incorporation & Subsequent Modifications

The present Tems of Services applies for any user browsing or using the website. The users are encouraged to review this document carefully and visit this section regularly.

Arbitri reserves its right to modify, at any given time and withouth prior notice, the present website.


3.  Service

The website is furnished “as is”.

The website does not contains any offer to conclude directly but only invitation to conclude an offer (invitatio ad offerendum), which are subject to the acceptation of Arbitri.

In the eventuality of the set up of a clause or the demand of an arbitration, the contract concluded with Arbitri deals with further details regarding notably the services, conditions, liabilities, provided by Arbitri.


4. IP rights

All the content (image, content, text, etc.) displayed on this website is subject to the exclusive IP rights of Arbitri. Some works were token from the open library Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/) and modified.


5. Liability

Arbitri limits its liability (contractual, extracontractual, pre-contractual) to the fullest extend possible by the law.

In any cases the liability of Arbitri is limited to 1’000.- CHF. 

Arbitri is not liable for third-party link.


6. Penalty clause

Any infringements to the present Terms of Services gives Arbitri a claim for a penalty clause of  20’000.- CHF, the further damages and interest are reserved,


7. Partial validity

In case any part of this document is declared unenforceable or invalid, the remainder shall continue to be valid and enforceable  and interpret as such.


8. Contact & inquiries

Please feel free to reach us out: info@arbitri.ch