Payment informations

Banking informations

Beneficiary Gabriel Jaccard

Address 6 av. de la Croisette, 1205 Geneva

VAT number  CHE-365.751.231

Bank Raiffeisen (Arve et Lac)

Bank address Rue Peillonnex 2, 1225 Chêne-Bourg

IBAN CH22 8018 8000 0937 0981 6


ETH transfer

Prior to any transfer, please whitelist you address with us. 

The debt or payment obligation is denominated in fiat currency (CHF). Alternatively, the debtor can settle the obligation via the ETH blockchain (ETH token).

The conversion value rate applicable to the settlement is set to the rate of the pairing (e.g. CHF/ETH) as calculated and reported by the debtor’s wallet at the time the transaction is initiated.

If the amount is disputed, the debtor must provide proof of payment from his wallet. Otherwise, the estimated value on the day the transaction details are transmitted in the block, as described on, is used as the reference rate.

In any case, the costs (e.g. gas fees), as well as the transfer risks (e.g. failure of the transaction) rest with the payer.

ETH Address 0xAC91598CBE83D4aB37B8ecF67285d16191ca3d76

Advance on fees
ETH Address 0x69E993ff2892E882802CeC65805A0DfBFb7dA7EB