Who we are

We are a one-stop shop for retails and businesses providing tailor-made services for all your blockchain related projects.

Our experts works hand in hand to answer legal, technical and economics needs.

Arbitri is a limited liability company (to be created) headquartered in Dubai & Geneva.

We evolve in the world’s top blockchain ecosystem, in direct proximity with international trading centers, companies, organisations and standards-setting bodies. 

Direction & Managers

Gabriel Jaccard

(PhD on smart legal contracts)

Arkan Akin


Quentin Louis Adler 


Lam Nguyen


Consulting Team

Our team is composed by multi domains inhouse & external experts

Legal experts

Gabriel Jaccard

PhD on smart legal contracts

Bianca Kremer

PhD on international private law  & blockchain

Quentin Louis Adler 

PhD on open source & technology

Martina Danz 

PhD on tax & crypto

Technical experts 

Gaspard Peduzzi

Blockchain developper 

Jean Chambras

Cybersecurity expert 

Valentin Quelquejay

Cybersecurity expert 

Economic & Management experts 

Antoine Schwab

Financial expert 

Arkan Akin

Project conceptualizer 

We are part of the Geneva blockchain ecosystem