Legal & technical arbitration

Our application enables you to create an arbitration clause & to set up Arbitri as an escrow agent or technical Oracle in your smart contracts


Technical services for your smart contracts

Typical cases: technical glitch, wrong input,
non-performance, etc.

Resolution time: 1 day, up to 3 months


We enable you to create any legal arbitration clause and link it into your smart contracts

Typical cases: smart contract representing a contract, legal dispute over warranty rights or quality of the merchandise, etc.

Resolution time : chosen by Parties



We provide a legal & technical escrow service

We offer a legal layer of trust above blockchain

Cross-domains recognized experts 

How it works

Set up

Why Arbitri


   Full legal control thanks to your choice of a definite legal environment

   Full technical control as you incorporate freely our role in the smart contract

   100% free when you don’t use the mechanism

   You decide whether or not to trigger the mechanism

   Any arbitration procedure is possible (e.g. SCAI, ICC, expert, etc.) 

   Legal sentence can be executed and adapted in the smart contract

  Arbitri is a trustworthy Oracle


  •  Commercial contracts (for legal arbitration only)
  •  Litigation value only above 10’000.- CHF (for all arbitrations)